On Page Vs Off Page Seo And What Are They (important Or Not) 2023

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Hey friend, if you are searching for On page vs off page SEO and thinking which one is better or important or on which type of SEO (on page or off page) you should be focussing on more in your blogging journey.

So in this blog post, I am going to tell you everything about On page SEO and Off page SEO and also going to differentiate between them.

I will also tell you some important and hidden facts about these technical terms and how you can use them to increase your organic traffic by 1000% confirmed.

So just keep reading and keep learning with me.

But before getting to the point you should know the meaning of the following terms-

What Is SEO

SEO  (search engine optimization)
On page vs off page SEO 

SEO (search engine optimization) means optimizing your content for search engines so that your content could rank in search results. This is done to get organic traffic from search engines without investing anything.

If you are wondering to start a blog then you might be thinking that how much does blogging cost.

Without wasting any more time let’s get on to our topic.

What Is On Page SEO

On page SEO (technical SEO)
On page vs off page SEO 

On page SEO is the basic SEO, it refers to the activities that you do inside your website or web pages to get ranked in the search results.

Examples Of On Page SEO

Examples of on page SEO are-

Keyword Optimization

The first and most important step to optimize your content for SEO is to select the right keyword that has low SEO difficulty with high search volume and also ensure that small (new) websites are ranking for that keyword. But niche selection is more important than keyword research.

If old and established websites are ranking for that keyword then never write content about that keyword.

Write Great Content

You should write content in your language or your tune. So that users can understand your content.

While writing content you should focus on the following things:-

  • Directly Solve Users Query
  • Write unique & long content
  • Don’t use AI content
  • Add questions

Kewords Stuffing

Find related keywords about your main keyword and try to add them to your content but don’t add too much because this can hurt your user experience.

If you had written 2000 words article then adding your main keyword or related keywords 10 times is enough but try to add below ten.

Don’t think that if you added your main keyword 100 times would help you to rank but this will help you to never rank on search results.

Earlier this can help but now search engines like google are becoming very aware of user experience.

So only add keywords multiple times when it is relevant and sounds good.

Internal And External linking

Adding internal links will boost your On page SEO score and will also help in link building.

Internal links are the best medium to transfer traffic from one web page to another web page so you must add internal links.

If you are linking to a good piece of content to your content means adding external links then search engines will consider your content as a good piece of content and will rank your article fast.

So internal and external links both play an important role in ranking.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

If you use WordPress then this is an advantage for you to add FAQs in your blog post.

If you use SEO plugins like Yoast and Rank Math then you can add this rich snippet to cover more space in search results and get more visitors.

So go to your Gutenberg block editor and type faq and add the FAQs section in your article.

Then enter the question and answer that question.

You can find many questions for your faq section in google’s people also ask for rich snippet section.


Try to add as many images as you can in your blog post because nobody wants to read long boring content but images can help readers to engage with your content.

Images may also become your massive traffic source if you do image SEO.

Optimizing your images for mobile will help you to get more traffic from image search.

Because image searches are very high in mobile as compared to desktop searches.

What Is Off Page SEO

seceret way to get traffic fast (off page SEO)
On page vs off page SEO 

Off page SEO is the external SEO, it refers to the SEO practices that you perform outside your website or web pages to get ranked in the search results.

Examples Of Off Page SEO

Some of the examples of off page SEO are-


Backlinks are incoming or inbound links that are coming from one website to another website.

Google and other search engines consider backlinks as votes which means the site that has a higher number of backlinks will rank higher in search engines.

But this doesn’t mean creating hundreds of backlinks a day yourself.

I don’t know this will help in ranking but I know that this creates a bad impression on search engines about your website and search engines may consider your website as spam.

How Much Does A Beginner Blogger Earn In India(2022)

Even in some cases, you may get a penalty from google because google is very strict about such things.

So don’t create hundreds of backlinks, you should only create 1 to 10 backlinks.

Just focus on your content, think from a users side that what the user will think about your content, and if your content is high quality, solves user’s queries, and contain unique information,

Then people will link to your site and also share your content with others that means you will get many backlinks and will rank higher in search engines like google.

Social Share

Social share increases social awareness about your content and also indicates to search engines that your content exists on the internet and this also shows that your content is a good piece of content.

If you share your content on social media then you will grow your profile in social media that means you can derive tons of traffic from there also when you have built a strong profile.

Video Marketing

Youtube is the most visited website in the world which gets around 3 billion monthly visitors which is great.

So creating a youtube channel is very important because videos get ranked in youtube search easily you don’t have to build backlinks and that is all technical stuff.

I see many blogs which grow in just 1 month or even one week because of the unlimited supply of traffic from youtube.

And not just youtube you can embed that video in your blog post to increase the staying time of visitors that are coming to your website.

If any visitor starts watching your video and stayed on your website for 5 or 10 minutes then the chances of ranking higher in search engines will increase because your visitors are engaged with your content and that means you are solving people’s queries and your content is informational.

But the font you are using in your blog is also responsible for visitors staying time on your article.

Paid Ads

Running ad campaigns is the best medium to reach new audiences and visitors in a short period of time.

If you don’t want to wait long for organic growth then you can go through this paid way.

But before running your own ads you must know some important things-

Promoting the brand and promoting content are very different.

If you don’t know the strategies for promoting brand and content then you should learn before making a decision because you may lose your money.

Brand promotion is easy but promoting content is a bit difficult because to perform well, your content needs to have something unique or have something that makes your content strong.

But if you think your content is good then it will definitely be going to perform well.

On Page Vs Off Page SEO

On Page SEOOff Page SEO
It refers to everything you do on your website.It refers to everything you do outside your website.
Include – Keyword optimization, title tags, anchor text, meta tags, URL, etc.Include – backlinks, Social shares, video marketing, paid ads, etc.
Aims to improve a single webpage for a higher ranking to get more traffic.Aims to improve the whole website and create awareness about your website.
Present on the webpage.Does not present on the webpage.
You have full control over On page SEOYou have no control over off page SEO
Derive relevant traffic to the websiteIncreases authority of the website.
Slow process.Potentially fast.
On page vs Off page SEO

I think you must have understood the major difference between on page and off page SEO.

So let us talk about that which is better and which type of SEO you should be focussing on to get better results or simply which is better.

If you are a beginner then you should totally focus on On page SEO because this is the first step of SEO.

But before focussing on any type of SEO you should write a good article that satisfies the user because the content is the king.

If your content is good then nobody can beat you and even you don’t need to do any SEO.

After you had written good content and are done with On page SEO then you can start building your brand, start with link building, and authority building, etc.

If you want quick and massive growth in a short period of time then you have to focus on link building because getting organic takes a long time because it is a freeway and the freeway is always difficult.

And to boost this time taking long way then Off page SEO is the key.

Which is better on page SEO or off page SEO?

On page SEO aims to optimize individual web pages whereas off page SEO aims to build the overall authority of a website. On page SEO is a slow process to get traffic but off page SEO is Potentially fast.

What is off page in SEO?

Off page SEO is a seo that you do outside your website which mainly includes backlinks and paid ads.

How important is off page SEO?

Off page SEO is very important for the very fast growth of your website and also helps it to rank high in a short period of time because on page SEO takes a long time to perform well and off page SEO can boost the slow process.

What are examples of off page SEO?

Examples of off page SEO are backlinks, paid ads, video marketing, graphic marketing, and social media, etc.

Which is more important on-page or off-page?

Both are very important, on-page SEO is the first step and when you are done with your content writing and on-page SEO then you can go with off page SEO to make your hard work fruitful.

Which SEO techniques should be avoided?

SEO techniques that are used for the short term to get traffic which include spreading your links everywhere, spamming(sharing links on websites like Quora, medium, and LinkedIn without providing any value), and buying backlinks should be avoided.

What is on and off page seo?

These are two types of SEO that are used to increase traffic to your website. on page SEO is used to optimize a single web page and off page SEO is performed to increase the overall authority of the website.

Do pixabay images hurt SEO of WordPress site if they aren’t your pictures?

No, Pixabay images don’t hurt the SEO of WordPress sites if they aren’t your pictures but you just have to decrease the size of that picture so that your website’s loading speed doesn’t hurt.
To decrease the size of the you can use image compressor tools which are absolutely free.

Final Words (on page vs off page seo)

I have told you on page vs off page SEO, on page SEO vs off page SEO, on page off page SEO definition, on page off page technical SEO, and on page off page SEO techniques.

I think you have known all about on page vs off page seo and if this information had helped you in any way then in return please share this content with everyone who needs this information.

If any question or query is left in your which I forget to cover in this article then please tell me that question in the comment section below so that I can answer that question and also add that question in the article so that other people can know the answer.

I think you have gotten something helpful in this article (on page vs off page SEO) and please tell me the comments section on which topic you have the next article.

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