How To Start Blogging In India To Make Money Online(2023)

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Hey friend, If you are wondering to start earning money online in India through blogging and want to know how to start blogging in India then,

In this ultimate guide, I will teach you from beginning to advance how to start blogging in India and earn money fast.

But you must be thinking that why should I start blogging in India AdSense or any other ad network pays a very low CPC in developing countries like India.

Yes, this is right that Adsense or any other ad network pays very little CPC in India and you may not able to make tons of money through Adsense or any other ad network.

But don’t be sad this is not the real truth if you are living in India then also you can generate a good amount.

How To Start Blogging In India To Make Money Online(2022)
blogging in India

You can clearly see how the graph is growing rapidly in India.

This graph is growing rapidly because the number of internet users is increasing and in the future, this will grow further with more speed.

So think if you start a blog now how will it grow in the future. So what are you waiting for just go and start a blog now and to be successful just subscribe to the notification.

Now let’s get on to our topic

How To Start Blogging In India

To start blogging in India first you have to complete some basic steps that are necessary.

But if you want to start blogging for free then you can go with blogger which is totally free and skip this part if you want to start blogging with blogger.

Basic Steps

STEP 1: Your first step is to buy a domain name, your domain name will be your unique address on the internet that is used to locate your blog.

STEP 2: Your second step is to buy web hosting from a trusted web hosting company. Do deep research before selecting any hosting company to host your website.

Because hosting is a container and if you choose the wrong hosting then your website’s data will be stored in a bad container which means you may not able to stand out anywhere in this competitive market.

STEP 3: Last and the final step is to choose a blogging platform where you will make your website and start publishing content on it.

I recommend you to use WordPress because it is the number one blogging platform in the world.

Now you have to select a super fast beautiful theme for your WordPress site and for your blogger site also.

Best Blogging Theme

Theme plays an important role in ranking, user experience, and Google Adsense approval

Because theme plays an important in your website’s loading speed which directly impacts your ranking and

User experience because no one wants to wait for a long time and if your website takes too much time to load then no search engine will show your blog in search results.

Google page spped insights
blogging in India

For WordPress, I will recommend you to use the GeneratePress theme which is the best theme for your blog and it is also fully SEO optimized and AdSense friendly.

This theme will also help you to rank fast because it is SEO optimized.

For Blogger, I will recommend you to use newspaper themes, you can find them anywhere on the web but make sure that the newspaper theme you are going to use is up to date otherwise it will impact your loading speed and ranking.

Topics For Blogging In India

I will share with you 5 topics or niches that will be going to grow rapidly in the future and have very low competition in India

That means if you choose any of the topics as a niche of your blog and start creating content related to that particular niche you can grow your blog fast

Because low competition means that the supply of content is low and there is demand.

So search engines like google have to rank your content in the search results because they have no other options.

Top 5 Topics for blogging in India

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Government Schemes

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the process of finding topics on which you will write content.

Finding a keyword is very important to get organic traffic from search engines.

Suppose you have written a very long valuable content implementing all your efforts but nobody is searching for that content then you will have zero traffic

If you have created content on a very high-demand topic but there is a lot of competition there then how your new blog will stand out there.

So before writing content on any topic you have to find low competition keywords.

To do keyword research I will not recommend you to use paid tools that charge more than hundreds of dollars per month.

I will tell you a secret method to do advanced-level keyword research without using any keyword research tool.

Google Ads Keyword Research

Open Google Ads if you have not created an account yet then please sign up it would cost you nothing.

After you finished up setting up your google ads account then open tools & settings and open keyword planner.

Google Ads
topics for blogging in India

After you open keyword research then go to click on discover new keywords

google ads
topics for blogging in India

After you click on to discover new keywords you will find this interface.

google ads keyword planner
topics for blogging in India

Now you can type any keyword and find the keyword ideas with accurate search volume.

But the competition is not accurate because this data is only for advertisers not for you so have to find it manually.

After picking up a keyword go to google search enter that keyword.

Observe what type of websites are ranking for that keyword if old websites are ranking for that search term then drop this keyword.

After you find a keyword on which small and new websites are ranking then you can write content on that particular search term.

This is my method to do keyword research which will save you money.

Now you have learned how to find keywords let us move to our next step

Content Creation

You have to create content that is valuable and provides value to people or solves your visitor’s query.

Don’t focus on quantity just focus on quality because there is no shortage of quantity of the content on the web there is a shortage of quality on the web.

There are more than 1.7 billion active websites on the internet, don’t get terrified after seeing this huge number, you can beat this competition by providing quality content.

As a beginner, you might be struggling to get content ideas so here are some ways that you can use to find tons of content ideas within a day

Content Ideas

Go to google or any other search engine that you use and type the topic you want or simply you can type the name of your niche and select the top 5 websites

How To Start Blogging In India To Make Money Online(2022)
how to start blogging in India

And analyze them what type of content they are writing and you will get an idea that what type of content users are loving.

You can also go to Ubersuggest and search for the keyword you want.

how to start blogging in India

Now click on content ideas and you can find relevant content ideas related to your keyword.

Ubersuggest content ideas
topics for blogging in India

Google trends is also a good place to find trending content ideas from google

google trends
blogging in India

You can also use youtube and Twitter to find more trending topics. There are more chances to get millions of organic visitors easily if you write content on trending topics.

By using these methods you can generate thousands of content ideas within a single click.


seo optimization
blogging in India

SEO (search engine optimization) means optimizing your content for search engines so that search engines can understand your content and could rank your web page in search results.

Seo is very important so you have to understand what is SEO how it works and how you could optimize your content for that.

Learn how to optimize On Page and Off Page SEO to rank high in search results.

How To Earn Money From Blogging In India

You can earn money from blogging in India in the following ways:-

  • Advertisments
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Own Digital Prodouct
  • Guest Posting
  • Selling Ad spaces
  • Sponsered Post


Ads are the main income source for any content publisher because it is very simple to monetize

And you don’t have to wait to get sales which is not easy because selling products need perfection and strategies which is not easy for beginners.

But the case is far different in the advertisement, to earn money from ads you just need to get clicks on ads and you will also get paid for every one thousand impressions.

Adsense is the Ad network that pays very high CPC and CPM to its publisher. No ad network pays high CPC and CPM.

The average income of bloggers from AdSense in India is ₹30,000 to ₹50,000.

So I recommend you monetize your blog with Adsense.

But before you monetize your website with Adsense your blog must meet certain criteria. Given are some tips for fast Adsense approval:-

  • At least 15 post on the blog
  • Every blog post must be atleast 1000 words long
  • Have an Ads friendly theme
  • Contain unique content
  • Mobile Responseve
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Have a professional look
  • Have a custom domain (.com, .net and .org, etc)
  • Domain must be 1 month old
  • Ranking for atleast 1 keyword
  • User firendly navigation
  • Contain Common pages (privacy policy, disclaimber, about, terms & condition)
  • All content must be categorised
  • All categories should be filled with content

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting a product and if someone buys that product from your affiliate link then you will earn a commission.

The more sales you will generate the more commission you will earn.

To do affiliate marketing you don’t need any criteria, it is very easy.

I will tell some marketplace where you can find millions of products with very high commission rates.

I am talking about amazon which pays a very low commission even in some cases you will get less than one percent commission which is very low, that is why I don’t prefer you to go with amazon.

Here is the list of the best marketplaces where you can join millions of affiliate programs within a click:-

  • CJ Affiliate
  • Impact Radius
  • Click Bank
  • Digistore 24

Selling Own Digital Prodouct

You can make your digital tool that people have to pay to use on monthly basis, this method can help you to earn recurring earning.

You can build your full online business by using this method.

You just have to work for one time like you can make SEO tools like keyword research tool, backlink checker, authority checker, image compressor, and word counter, etc.

If you know to code then building such tools is very easy but if you don’t know to code then you can buy a tool script from code canyon

And paste that script in your hosting you cannot make such tools in blogger.

This is just an idea there are many other options available it depends on your knowledge and creativity like selling online courses or books, etc.

Selling your own digital product can make $100,000 a month.

Guest Posting

After your blog starts getting organic traffic up to 1000 per day then you will start getting requests from other blog owners or brands to allow them to post content on your blog

To get a backlink from your blog or traffic they may also post content to get customers and

You can charge money to allow them to post or allow them a guest post.

Some bloggers charge even charge up to 1 crore for a single guest post and you can also charge a good but it depends on the quality of traffic you are getting what is your authority, number of traffic you are getting on a daily basis.

Selling Ad spaces

You can sell a particular widget to any brand for a certain period of time and charge them to show their ad.

The nice thing about this method is that you don’t need any clicks. You just have to show ads and get paid monthly.

But before you can sell ad spaces your website needs to get some traffic, your website must be ranking in search results

Because you have to tell everything that how much traffic you are getting and how much ctr your Adsense ads are getting and much more.

When your website starts getting traffic then you can charge to show ads at least 99 dollars per month.

Sponsered Post

When your blog has started getting some traffic probably there is a chance that a brand will contact you for promotion and you can charge any amount you want,

It depends on your site traffic and authority.

And then you can write a post for promoting that brand and you will get paid your amount.

By this earning method, you can earn more than ads because the earning potential is very high.

In India, on average a blogger is earning 1 lakh per month from sponsored posts.

FAQs (how to start blogging in india)

How to find other people who are looking to create a blog squad?

You can find people who are looking to create a blog squad by interacting with people in youtube comments, forums, social media, and you can also make a blogging squad with your friends.

How to post blog or make comments?

You can post a blog post through blogger or WordPress and you can make comments by scrolling down in the blog post until you find the comment section and clicking on add comment write whatever you want.

How much an artist benefit by starting a blog?

An artist can make at least $500 to $700 per month by starting a blog.

How do bloggers get paid?

Bloggers get paid through Ads, promoting affiliate products, and selling their own product

How can I start a blog and make money in India?

Create your free blog on blogger and start writing posts after writing up to 15 posts monetize it with Adsense and affiliate products.

Can blogging make money in India?

Blogging can make a lot of money in India. Beginner Indian bloggers are making $500 to $600 every month and professional bloggers in India are making more than $10,000 per month.

Who is the No 1 blogger in India?

Amit Agarwal is the No 1 blogger in India and he is earning more than $60,000 per month from blogging

Is blogging successful in India?

Blogging is booming in India, many bloggers in India are generating lots of money every month and it is highly successful in India.

Final Words (how to start blogging in india)

I have told you from beginning to advance how you can start blogging India and can how you can earn money from blogging

And I also shared with you some secrets tricks from that you can save your money and time

Which I think nobody will tell you So, please share this article with everyone who wants this type of content.

If you have any queries which I forget to include in this article then please tell your question in the comment section below I will try my best to answer your question.

I hope this article (how to start blogging in India) had helped you.

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