How To Rank Website On Google First Page Within 1 Minute (2023)

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In this blog post, You will get to know how to rank website on google first page faster so that you can derive more traffic to your website and generate more money.

You must be thinking why rank on the first page of google? second is also a good position.

Because according to research run by Brian Dean founder of backlinko, websites that rank on the first page of google take more than 80% clicks of the total search clicks and the second page receives less than 1%.

Number of clicks 1 and 2 page of google search  get
how to rank website on google first page

So this clearly shows that if your website ranks on the first page of google then you can derive massive traffic to your website.

By using my strategies you will get to know how to rank website on google first page. It doesn’t matter that your website is a huge brand, small website, or a newborn baby if you work smartly then you could get your site in Google’s organic search results. Here is the proof, my website is new and I am ranking on the first page of google.

How To Rank Website On Google First Page Within 1 Minute (2022)
google ranking 2022

To make things clear let us know how google ranks a website on the first page.

How Google Ranks A Website

There are tons of ranking factors that Google uses to rank a website but unfortunately, we don’t know those factors but I will tell you some main factors that Google’s algorithm uses to rank a web page on a particular term.

On page SEO

ultimate guide for on page SEO
how to rank website on google first page

The optimization for search engines that is done on the site is called On-page SEO.

Google looks mainly at the following things in your webpage:

1- Keyword Density– Number of times your targeted keywords are occurring in your article but this doesn’t mean that you have to insert keywords forcefully.

Keep your article natural and user-friendly. Only add keywords when it sounds good.

Earlier adding your tons of keywords worked, but now Google has become very smart and if you try to add keywords forcefully then you will never rank on google.

Write a long article so that it could contain keywords naturally.

2- Mobile-Friendly- If your website is compatible with mobile devices and users are not facing any issue then your site is mobile friendly.

This depends on your theme, I think almost every theme is mobile-friendly.

Your website’s text size, space between clickable elements is also responsible for mobile-friendliness.

Google is very strict about the experience of mobile users.

3- Intent- Google also looks at In which mode the user is? what is the intent of the user? Like in shopping mode or want some information.

If the user is searching for: best headphones under $50. that means the user is in a shopping mobe and wants some products o buy or want a review about that products.

And if your article contains some products to buy or you have written a review about products then there are chances that Google will pick your website to rank.

4- Speed– This became one of the most important ranking factors when the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai was frustrated by the loading speed

Because this hurts the user experience and as we all know that Google always tries to improve user experience so this became a ranking factor.

Even backlinko also faced loss in traffic because of their low loading speed till they changed their hosting.

So choose your hosting after deep research.

Off Page SEO

off page seo
how to rank website on google first page

The optimization for search engines that is done outside the website is called Off-page SEO.

Incoming links to your website are one of the most important google ranking 2022 factors.


how to rank website on google first page

Backlinks are the incoming link that is deriving traffic from one website to another site.

This is the main google search ranking factor. I have seen many times google officials saying that don’t build backlinks, they will not help you to get in organic search results google.

Don’t listen to Google, according to some research conducted by Moz, they see that websites have backlinks are ranking in google and getting higher positions in Google organic search results.

Websites with no backlinks are not ranking easily they are taking a long time to rank and not getting higher positions in search results.

Now let us talk about how to rank organically on google.

1) Put Your Site On Google

how to get your website on google first page

Tell Google that your site exists by submitting your site’s sitemap in the google search console.

Guide to submit a sitemap in google:

Step 1) Open Google search Console and complete the verification process.

Step 2) Copy your site’s sitemap URL by typing- https://your site name/sitemap.xml

Step 3) Paste the URL in the sitemap section in the google search console

Now google’s crawler will come to your website and index web pages.

By performing all these actions you will easily get your site on google.

But as your site is new or then Google may not index your site for months because there are billions of web pages that Google has to index daily.

How To Fix Google Indexing Issues

 indexing issues
how to get your website on google first page

1) Consistency: Be consistent to get your site indexed fast in google but you must be thinking why? Because if you write blog posts fast or update your site daily then

Google gets an idea about your schedule and then google’s crawler will come to crawl your website according to your schedule then there are very high chances of indexing your web pages fast in google.

2) Manual Indexing: Whenever you publish a post on your website then instantly send your post for indexing to get your post indexed sooner.

You can submit your site for manual indexing with the help of the URL inspection tool available in the Google search console:

1) Copy the URL of the post.

2) Open search console.

3) Click on the URL Inspection

4) Paste the copied URL of your post

5) Click on request indexing and you are done

By following these steps you can easily submit your post for manual indexing.

2) Find And Target Right Keywords

how to get my website on google first page

A keyword is basically a head term on which the article is based it is also known as the headline. This is a very important part of SEO that will decide whether your website will rank or not.

Suppose you have created a new website and your website has no authority and you are targeting those keywords on which authoritative and established websites are ranking then how would your new website will going to compete with the big ones.

Let me explain with an example:

You want coffee and you saw a big coffee shop and a new small stall then on which shop you will buy coffee obviously you will buy coffee from the big coffee shop because that big coffee shop is an established one and thus attracts everyone.

The same thing happens with websites. Everyone only trusts established ones.

So before targeting competitive keywords you have to build trust and authority.

Low Competition Keywords

Low competition keywords are basically those keywords that are easy to rank because there is low competition due to lack of content or maybe big sites are not targeting these because of low search volume or any other reason.

How To Find Low Competition Keywords

There are basically two methods for finding keywords:

1- Using tools- Tools are the best way to find low competition keywords. There are many paid tools that are really awesome (Ahrefs and Semrush) and can help you to grow your website like a rocket but who wants to pay more than $100 a month.

There are many useful free tools like Ubersuggest which help you to find low competition keywords.

You can use any tool you want there are many more useful and free tools are available but these are the popular ones.

But don’t trust any tool blindly because no tool shows the exact correct information.

2) Manually– Using google keyword planner you can find 100% accurate search volume but the other work you have to do manually Example- SEO difficulty or keyword difficult.

To find the SEO difficulty of the keyword copy your keyword and paste it into google search.

See what type of websites are ranking

If more than 5 or 6 big established websites are ranking for that keyword then drop that keyword and target those keywords on which small and new websites are ranking.

Because these keywords are very easy to rank.

3) Analyze The Top Ranking Sites

how to get my website on google first page

Enter the keyword you have chosen in the google search and pick the top-ranking sites (5) that are ranking at the top of Google.

Now analyze each blog post one by one.

Mainly you have to on 5 things and that is:

  • Content Length
  • Images
  • Videos

Look at the word count of the top-ranking sites (of your targeted keyword) if the average word count is around 2000 words then try to write 1o percent more words and make your content 2200 words, not only length also add more images and videos to your content because that gives an indication to Google that your blog post contains more information thus can be more helpful for users.

Know What Google Wants

You have to understand what Google is looking for to rank websites or what google wants to in the content to rank on the first page.

Sometimes you must have observed that when you search for something on google it shows different types of results like sometimes it shows videos on the top or sometimes snippets.

It is related to SEO if you didn’t focus on this thing then you may not able to rank on the first page.

If videos are ranking on the top or content that is ranking on the top contains videos then this means that you have to add videos in your blog post to be able to get your post in the top 10.

If you cannot create videos then try to add images where it is relevant.

4) Write An Optimized Content

blog post
how to get my website on google first page

Write a high-quality blog post that is user-friendly and as well as search engine friendly keeping in mind that it is helpful for your readers.

Ranking in Google is not that much easy as it used to be before. Earlier google mainly works on keyword density and backlinks.

Now Google is very smart, it only works on user experience, if your content is able to satisfy google’s users then you will rank higher and higher.

Don’t write for search engines first create helpful content for users then optimize it for SEO.

To make your post-SEO-friendly easily you can use the Rank Math SEO plugin which is the best SEO plugin in 2022. It shows you the SEO score of your content and also shows methods to improve your SEO score. SEO score is just a prediction that how this content will going to perform in the search engines.

Don’t just fill your content with your main keyword use your main keywords in the post heading, First paragraph, 1 time in subheadings, 1 time in the alt text of the image, 1 or 1 time in the body, and 1 time in the conclusion.

Don’t use the main keyword more than 7 times because if you fill your content with the main keyword then it will leave a bad impact on your post on google and google may consider your website as spam.

Instead of filling your article with a targeted keyword what you can do is to use LSI keywords.

These keywords are basically related keywords to your main keywords and these keywords can help search engines like google to better understand your content.

How To Find LSI Keywords

You can find LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords related to your target in the google search.

Just enter your keyword in the google search and scroll down at the bottom and here you can find multiple LSI keywords to use in your blog post.

The more LSI keywords you use in your content the more chances you will have to rank on the first because these Keywords help search engines to better understand your content.

These Keywords can help your content to rank for hundreds of search terms.

5) Linking

how to get my website on google first page

Linking to external and internal resources is important for both SEO and your users. This helps your users to easily find helpful resources and linking also increases the engagement of users with your content.

There are two types of linking

  • 1) External Linking
  • 2) Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Linking to resources or web pages that are in the website itself is called internal linking.

This is a very important part of SEO and can boost your SEO traffic in a short period of time because think if you created a post that is getting organic traffic from search engines and you put another post link that is related to that post can double your organic traffic.

External Linking

Linking to resources or web pages that are located somewhere on the internet is external linking.

External linking helps your readers to find valuable content easily which is helpful for them.

You must be thinking that why I should to other websites? why should I give free backlinks to other websites? Don’t be selfish.

If you link to external resources then this means that you are providing great value to your readers and external linking also gives an indication to search engines link Google that this website is providing great value to its reader because it is linking to high authority websites.

But never link to low-authority websites because they could be spam and could affect your websites’ authority.

Linking and link building is very different things.

6) Link Building

link building
how to rank on google first page

Link building is the process of creating relevant inbound links for your website. It is simply creating backlinks for your website.

To get results faster in SEO, you have to focus on link building.

Now you must be thinking that what is backlinks and how to do link building, I will explain everything in depth.

What Are Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other websites to your website.

Backlinks are very important for SEO and for the instant growth of your website.

If you want to rank in the world’s largest search engine google without waiting for months or even years then the ultimate key is backlinks.

If you suppose content as the bricks then backlinks are the cement in 2022.

I say 2022 because nothing lasts forever I mean that backlinks are very important in 2022 but may not be so important in 2023 or 2024.

How To Get Backlinks

There are two ways to get backlinks

  • 1) Creating backlinks
  • 2) Aksing for backlinks

Creating Backlinks

Creating backlinks from social media like Twitter, Facebook, youtube, and Instagram and by creating backlinks from forums websites like Quora, medium, and tumbler, etc. There are lots of other types of websites where you can create backlinks for your website.

Aksing For Backlinks

Sending E-mails to your competitors or other website owners for backlinks and contacting them from other methods and requesting them for backlinks.

This is a time taking process but if you start getting backlinks from this method then your domain authority will increase rapidly and you will see massive growth of your site.

These backlinks are more important because this previous method is easy but some are counted as social shares, not as backlinks.

7) Build Traffic Sources

To get your new post on the first page of Google, you need some traffic sources to get your initial traffic.

Initial traffic is very important because this traffic can help your blog or website to stand out in this competitive market.

You can get this initial traffic by building traffic sources and you build these traffic sources by making your youtube channel and social presence.

I recommend you to spend at least 2 hours in marketing your content on most popular platforms like- Youtube, Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

If you don’t want to spend time on other platforms then at least you to create a youtube channel, this is the best platform to drive millions of traffic on your website.

Creating an email list is also amazing traffic that can turn your email subscribers into loyal customers.

And if you are able to build a strong traffic source then you can build your authority fast thus could rank new posts or websites very fast on the top page of google.

8) Web Mentions

Web mentions mean not directly providing the link to the web page but giving them instructions or guiding them through which they can reach that web page.

If your post or website is ranking on 3 positions or any other position rather than 1 then this trick would be helpful for you. If you are reading this post from the beginning then there is a 100 percent chance that your website can easily rank in the top 100.

And from that top hundred, you can achieve 1 position by web mentions let me explain in depth.

Suppose you have a good number of subscribers on youtube and you have created a video related to a topic that this related to your post which is ranking on the second page of google.

To rank that blog post on the first position what you can do is to say in the video that “to access the post type this keyword (on which you are ranking) in google and go to 2 page of the search result (whatever page you are ranking on) and search for my website and click on the post”.

This is a proven trick and 100 percent working, if 100 people click on your website then your website will rank higher and higher because google’s algorithm will think that this is a very informative and relevant result and will push your website and give to a higher rank.

FAQs: How To Rank Website On Google First Page

How can I get on Google first page fast?

Write long fully SEO-optimized content, create relevant backlinks and market your content everywhere to get your website on the first page of google.

How long does it take to get on the first page of Google?

It depends on the authority of the website if the authority of the website is high then there are chances that it could rank on the first page within an hour but a low authority website takes a long time to rank it can take months or even years to rank.

How much does it cost to be on the first page of Google?

If your website’s authority is high then it would cost you nothing but if you want to rank inorganically then it would cost you less than $10.

How do I get my website noticed?

Create a good piece of content or do something new from your creativity to get your website noticed.

Can you pay Google to rank higher?

You cannot pay Google for a higher rank but you can run ads to get 1st position on google

Conclusion: How To Rank Website On Google First Page

To get your website on the first page of google then follow all these steps:

Put Your Site On Google
Find And Target Right Keywords
Analyze The Top Ranking Sites
Write An Optimized Content
Link Building
Build Traffic Sources
Web Mentions

No one gets success in one night you have to write work till you didn’t get a higher position on google because google is very competitive. Be consistent and one day you will see that your website’s authority is very high and you can target short-term keywords.

I tried my best to explain to you everything in this article (how to rank website on google first page) but if you have any questions left in your mind that I forget to answer then please tell me in the comment section below I will try to answer as fast as possible.

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