How Much Does It Cost To Start a Blog In 2023 (ultimate cost guide)

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If you are thinking of starting a blog then you must want to know how much does it cost to start a blog and how much money you need to start your blogging journey.

So in this blog post, I am going to tell you how much money you need to start a blog and how you can even start a blog without any money for free.

I will also tell you some important tips through which you can save your hard-earned money.

If you are starting a blog for the first time then I will suggest you go with the freeway without investing any money because it can take a long time for you to master SEO and start earning a good amount of money from your blog and recover your money which you invest in hosting and domain.

If you want to earn good money from blogging without investing a lot of effort and time then you have to go with paid way means you have to invest in blogging to earn the real money fast from blogging like other big bloggers are earning millions of dollars from a single blog.

So without wasting any more time let’s get started

How much does it cost to start a blog?

Blogging is a very simple thing you don’t have to purchase many things to start a blog

You just have to buy two things, a domain and hosting to start your blogging journey.

Domain- a domain name is simply your own unique address the URL you can say from which users can locate your website and visit the site by just typing the domain name in the search box,

And will cost you around $6 and if you purchase from my link then the prices will start falling purchase from GoDaddy which is really an awesome service.

Go and purchase your brandable domain name with Go daddy.

$4.99* .COM Domains! Get going with GoDaddy!

Hosting: hosting is simply a container on the internet that stores your data and provides it to users when requested it makes available all your data like images, blog posts, etc.

So it can be available to the users who are visiting your site.

So you have to buy a container, I mean hosting to start a blog.

It will cost you less than 3 dollars to get premium top-level hosting on hostinger.

Hosting is one of the best hosting services in the world which provides one of the fastest and most affordable web hosting at very cheap rates. I am personally using hostinger on this website.

You will get an extra discount if you buy from my link.

Go and get your fast and cheap hosting on hostinger.

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Start for Free!

There are a variety of ways through which you can start a blog for free but I will tell you some of the most popular ones.

Blogger: Blogger is owned by Google and it is an amazing service that is absolutely 100% free but the main problem with this is you are not the owner of your blog,

Google is the owner of your blog and can do everything when Google detects any policy violations from your blog,

And can even ban your blog immediately if you are violating a single policy of google, sometimes even without any warning.

If you have a domain name then blogger is going to be amazing for you because it provides top-level hosting which will make your website super fast and it also provides a free subdomain (blogpost) in case you don’t have any domain.

if you are monetizing your blogger blog with AdSense or any other ad network then they(blogger) will take 50% share from your total monthly earning which means you will earn less money from Blogger than WordPress.

WIX: Wix is a cloud-based website builder which allows you to build HTML and mobile websites through online drag and drop tools.

WIX is one of the best free website builders where you have more control over your blog than blogger. It is comparatively better than blogger but blogger is more popular since it is a Google product.

It is very easy in Wix to build a professional-level professional design blog without any coding knowledge and without putting too much effort because it provides you to use drag and drop features which makes your work much easier.

Some Extra costs

Here are some extra costs which are not necessary but you may need them in the future.

Content Writers:

If you don’t have to time to produce content because you may have multiple blogs, cannot able to write blog posts constantly, or are lazy like me then you may need to hire someone to write content for you.

And that person(a content writer) may charge some sum to work for you between $10 to $100 per blog post or even more depending on the expertise of that writer and skills.

And that content writer will charge any amount between $10 to $100 or even more depending on the experience and skills of that writer.

Content AI Writing Tools:

The world is changing very fast and more and more people are using AI Tools to write their content because it saves a lot of time and also saves money.

Ai tools are comparatively very cheap to content writers.

The money which you may pay for 1 article to content writers can be used for the content of the whole month using AI content writing tools.

There are many Ai content writing tools in the market but I suggest you go with jasper if you really want to produce a lot of quality content at a cheap price and in less time.

Save your money!!

Here are some simple but important tips, which can save your money.

1/ Don’t Purchase Hosting:

if you have a domain then you may not have to purchase web hosting for your blog.

Because we can go with EzoicCloud hosting which provides fast WordPress hosting for free and you don’t have to pay them anything for web hosting and even you can earn money from Ezoic but the problem with this hosting is you will see some fall in the loading time in your free hosting.

because it is free and thus, it will not provide you the premium quality of hosting that you will get on Hostinger but this doesn’t mean it is not good it is absolutely good and worthful to go with

Go and get free hosting on Ezoic right now!!


2/ Use Coupons Codes:

When you are purchasing hosting or domain from any hosting service provider and domain registrar like GoDaddy then make sure you apply some discount coupon codes which you can get by just searching on a google search- coupon codes for (and the name of your service),

And then you find tons of websites that provide discounts coupon codes for free and then you can use them to get even up to 70% to 80% discount.

I think you may already know these methods to save your money but many times when we go to purchase hosting or domain we forget often these steps while paying.


I have told you everything about how much money you need to start blogging and how much money does it cost to start a blog,

And also I have told you some secret tips some methods through which you can save your hard-earned money,

And also the freeway from which you can start a professional level blog for free but you have to pay extra hard work to make that blog successful if you paying for your blog then you can easily earn money with your blog now it’s your choice what way you want to go with,

If you want to go for the paid way you can go and if you don’t want to purchase a domain and hosting then you can go with the blogger or WordPress anything you want,

There are many other platforms which you can try but I have told you the most popular ones and if you don’t want to invest in hosting then you can go with Ezoic cloud hosting which is absolutely very perfect hosting for you if you have a domain then you can go with Ezoic.

It is absolutely best for you and even you also can earn a lot of money with Ezoic.

So I suggest you go with Ezoic.

Tell me in the comment section below, Are you going to buy hosting and domain or are you going with free blogger or WIX?

I really want to know what you will go with and if you have any queries and questions please ask me in the common section below and then we will have a conversation there

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