Top 10 Alternatives to Clickbank in 2023

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Bloggers, affiliate marketers, and content creators all rely on Clickbank, which is one of the oldest e-commerce platforms.

However, you may be looking for alternatives to Clickbank for affiliate marketing because it is losing ground in the Affiliate marketing and e-commerce industry due to increased competition and Clickbank’s inability to provide new high-quality products.

You will rarely find big brands on Clickbank, which is why you may be looking for a Clickbank alternative for affiliate marketing.

In this quick guide to Clickbank alternatives,

I’ll show you some of the top Clickbank alternatives for affiliates and not only affiliate marketers; there are also Clickbank alternatives for vendors included below.

So don’t restrict yourself to Clickbank; it’s time to diversify your revenue sources by attempting untouchable offers on some lesser-known affiliate marketing marketplaces.

Alternatives to Clickbank

1. JVZoo

2. CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

3. Impact Radius

4. Amazon Associates

5. Rakuten Marketing

6. Avangate

7. eBay Partner Network

8. ShareASale

9. Shopify

10. Thinkific

This isn’t a list of Clickbank alternatives at random.

After researching numerous affiliate networks and marketplaces,

I came up with this list of the top ten affiliate networks or marketplaces that are comparable to Clickbank and some of them are even competitors to Clickbank, such as JVZoo.


jzoo affiliate network

JVZoo is a wonderful ClickBank alternative since the items available on JVZoo are digital products, exactly like those available on ClickBank.

JVZoo looks very similar to

So, if you’ve previously promoted Clickbank items, you’ll have no trouble using this affiliate network.

Every day, fresh deals to promote will appear on this affiliate marketing platform.

Most of the goods I identified on this affiliate network had a 50% commission rate.

That means if you advertise a $35 (average price) product, you’ll get $17.5, and if that sounds good to you, JVZoo is the place to go.

URL: JVZoo Affiliate Network

Average Commission Rate: 50%

Cookie duration: 24 hours

Product Type: Digital Products

Payment Threshold: $50

CJ Affiliate Network (Commission Junction)


The Cj affiliate network is the most well-known affiliate marketing network in the world.

Because the items featured on the affiliate network are of excellent quality, it is a great alternative to Clickbank.

On Cj, you’ll find a plethora of well-known and well-respected brands.

ClickBank is losing to CJ in every way due to low-quality items, and customers who purchase ClickBank products through affiliate marketers are dissatisfied.

If you want to advertise software and digital items, the CJ affiliate network is a wonderful place to start.

The user interface is very excellent and simple to use.

URL: CJ Affiliate Network

Average Commission Rate: Varies

Cookie Duration: Varies

Product Type: Primarly Digital

Payment Threshold: $50

Impact Radius

Impact Affiliate Network

Impact, like CJ, is a great marketplace that thousands of businesses and affiliate marketers trust.

There are numerous large companies to work with in impact as well.

The user interface is straightforward to use.

The unique part about this affiliate marketing network is that if you can’t find your chosen asset through which to promote the affiliate offer or product,

You can request a bespoke ad from the company you joined in the impact affiliate marketing network.

One of the best ClickBank alternatives is Impact.

URL: Impact Affiliate Network

Average Commission Rate: Varies

Cookie Duration: Varies

Product Type: Physical Products & Digital Product

Payment Threshold: $10

Amazon Associates

amazon affiliate program

Amazon is a huge brand with millions of consumers all over the world.

Amazon is the world’s most popular e-commerce site, and millions of people rely on it.

You may promote Amazon items by becoming an Amazon associate.

If you’re new to the affiliate marketing industry or don’t have much experience,

You should start with Amazon because advertising Amazon items through Amazon Associates offers you some confidence.

Selling Amazon items is easier than selling Clickbank or other brands since Amazon is a reputable corporation with millions of customers and excellent customer service.

However, in comparison to Clickbank, the compensation rate is relatively low, so if you want to generate more sales with a cheap commission rate, go with Amazon.

URL: Amazon Affiliate Program

Average Commission Rate: Varies

Cookie Duration: 24 Hours

Product Type: Physical Products

Payment Threshold: Varies

Rakuten Advertising (Formerly Rakuten Marketing & Rakuten Linkshare)

rakuten advertising affiliate network

The biggest difference between Clickbank and Rakuten affiliate network is that the Rakuten affiliate network exclusively sells physical things, whilst Clickbank sells both digital and physical products.

Rakuten has a small number of advertisers, but those that it does have are big brands like Samsung and Microsoft.

It prioritizes quality above quantity.

Rakuten Advertising’s affiliate marketers’ user experience is tedious and overly simplistic.

URL: Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network

Average Commission Rate: Varies

Cookie Duration: Varies

Product Type: Physical Products

Payment Threshold: $50


avangate affiliate network

Avangate and Clickbank are comparable in that they both sell software-related items.

Because it is in the same area, the commission rate is also fairly close to Clickbank (software).

You may earn up to 75% commission on some goods on Avangate, making it a compelling and viable alternative to Clickbank.

Most marketers ignore it since they only promote deals from larger affiliate networks, which just adds to the rivalry.

The best thing about advertising Avangate products is that there are a lot of untapped affiliate opportunities that you can grab and can make a profit out of it.

The approval procedure, on the other hand, is a touch lengthy.

URL: Avangate Affiliate Network

Average Commission Rate: up to 75%

Cookie Duration: Varies

Product Type: software Products

Payment Threshold: Varies

eBay Partner Network


Most people don’t think of the eBay partner network as a Clickbank alternative because they mistakenly believe it only deals in physical goods.

However, this is untrue because eBay also deals in digital goods; you just need to filter them out. eBay is one of the oldest and most well-known e-commerce companies in the world.

You may use the eBay partner network as a substitute for Amazon as well.

Eighty percent of the 1.4 billion listings on eBay are for brand-new goods.

You may make one of the largest commissions on eBay on each transaction.

I’m not referring to commission rates here; I’m referring to the amount of money you receive on each sale.

Therefore, if you want to make one of the biggest commissions in the industry, you should join this affiliate program.

URL: eBay Affiliate Network

Average Commission Rate: 4%

Product Type: Digital & Physical goods

Payment Threshold: $10



ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that works with both physical and digital goods.

It is also among the best Clickbank alternatives since it offers digital items exactly like Clickbank, and in some cases, I believe it outperforms Clickbank.

It is recognized as the top CPS network in the globe in 2022 as well as the affiliate marketing platform with the quickest rate of growth.

Although ShareASale offers digital promotions, its main emphasis is on tangible goods.

The most pleasing feature I discovered on ShareASale is the ability to filter out CPA offers to advertise that pay you per lead. 

With these offers, you get results more quickly.

However, if you are a newbie, you may encounter difficulties throughout the approval process and experience repeated rejection.

URL: ShareASale Affiliate Network

Average Commission Rate: Varies

Product Type: Digital & Physical goods

Payment Threshold: $50



Shopify is a major e-commerce software that enables you to start your online company with minimal effort.

Around 10 percent of the e-commerce websites are on Shopify which is a large quantity.

It is not difficult to generate affiliate sales because Shopify’s price is also not excessive.

No matter whatever plan the consumer purchasing from the landing page using your affiliate link chooses—Basic plan, $29/month, Shopify, or Advanced—you will still receive $100 for every successful transaction.

You may be wondering why Shopify is giving away $100 when their plans start at $29/mo.

This is because Shopify’s service is recurring, and since users must pay them every month, they can easily turn a profit.

URL: Shopify Affiliate Network

Average Commission Rate: Fixed $100

Product Type: Digital

Payment Threshold: $10



Thinkific is a platform that lets you design your courses, advertise them, and sell them all in one location.

Thinkific is an excellent platform for anyone interested in producing courses.

You’ll be amazed to learn that the affiliate commission may reach $1700 here.

It’s a significant amount.

The benefit of being a Thinkific affiliate is that you will receive recurring payments (30% lifetime recurring commission on any monthly or yearly payments), which means it will be a reliable source of revenue for you in the long run.

The platform for online courses is the greatest, and the affiliate program is the best.

Many prominent bloggers select it as their preferred affiliate program.

Thinkific does not require permission; simply sign up to receive your affiliate link

URL: Thinkific Affiliate Network

Average Commission Rate: 30% recurring

Product Type: Digital

FAQs On ClickBank Alternatives

Do people still use ClickBank?

Yes, there are many affiliate marketers operating on Clickbank. According to the data supplied by Clickbank, there are over 100,000 affiliate marketers actively marketing items. You might think that other networks have a lot more affiliates, but the difference is that these affiliates are active rather than dormant.

Who are ClickBank competitors?

1. JVZoo Affiliate Network
2. CJ Affiliate Network
3. Impact Radius Affiliate Network
4. Skill Share
5. Udemy
6. ShareASale
7. Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network
8. eBay Partner Program
9. Amazon Associate
These are a few affiliate networks that I’ve discovered might compete with ClickBank.
It is not feasible to include them in the list because these are not the only ClickBank rivals.

Is JVZoo better than ClickBank?

Because JVZoo primarily focuses on one industry, digital marketing, you will find many deals linked to marketing there. Therefore, JVZoo is better for you if your specialization is marketing, but Clickbank has many more offerings in a variety of areas than JVZoo. I believe Clickbank is the undisputed victor when we compare the two networks.

Is Clickbank still profitable in 2022

If you advertise ClickBank goods wisely, Clickbank will still be successful in 2022, but the company is progressively losing its reputation and trust.

Are clickbank products legit?

Yes, the majority of ClickBank items are legitimate, however as they are not branded, they occasionally could not be of high quality.

can you use Clickbank in the UK?

Yes, Clickbank is available in the UK, and those who live there may readily access and utilize it.


Here are 10 alternatives to Clickbank where you may get fresh, improved, and reasonably priced items to market that are not Clickbank 2022.

Do not depend on a single affiliate network I’m not specifically criticizing Clickbank,

but I am stating that it is not a smart idea to rely on one network in affiliate marketing because you could occasionally run into payment troubles and other problems.

The time has come to hunt for Clickbank alternatives or just other websites like Clickbank, as Clickbank is losing its reputation and credibility for a variety of reasons.

Better items that are more reasonably priced than Clickbank products are offered by click bank competitors

And for that reason, it is gradually losing favor.

However, this does not imply that affiliate marketers should avoid Clickbank.

The finest source for affiliate marketers to locate thousands of deals to work with is still Clickbank.

On Clickbank, there are more than 100,000 affiliate marketers, which is a colossal amount of affiliates.

Please let me know which affiliate networks or programs you will be joining after reading this post, or which affiliate networks you are already working with, in the comment box below.

Knowing that will make me happy.

Join my forum if you have any questions, and I’ll answer them all there.

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